After Root Canal / Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal treatment has now been completed. The root canal system has been permanently sealed. However, the outer surface is sealed with a temporary restoration. A follow-up restoration must be placed to protect your tooth against fracture and decay. Please telephone your restorative dental clinic or dentist for an appointment. A complete follow-up report from treatment will be sent to your referring dental center. Please call for an appointment during the following month for your permanent restoration with your general dentist.

Your tooth is more prone to fracture immediately after root canal treatment. You should chew on the other side until your restorative dentist has placed a core build-up and a protective restoration, usually a crown. If your tooth’s strength is seriously compromised, your root canal specialist or restorative dentist may place a post and core build-up inside the tooth. Dr. Webber will work together with your general dentist to coordinate the best possible treatment for your tooth.  Your tooth will be uncomfortable for a few days as it heals and will be tender to chewing pressure up to one – two weeks or more after treatment. This is normal. If you can take them, non-steroid anti-inflammatory pain medications are highly recommended. If NSAIDs cannot be taken then take acetaminophen.

Are There Any Potential Problems After Root Canal Treatment?

  • Post-operative infections. Post-operative infections occasionally occur. This usually requires just an office visit and examination. Many times placing you on an antibiotic for one week will take care of the infection. Occasionally, other follow-up procedures will be needed.

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